War Age – Hells Angels

Tips and Tricks

How to have more food than you can eat. 

I produce 924k of food an hour. So this is what you need to do

  1. You will need at least a lvl 38 hero
  2. Following the right hand side of the Hero’s skills. You will need to max out lvl 1,2 and 3 food production
  3. You need the following equipment polished helm, leather armour, explorers boots, weapon flesh tearer, and two rings both silver rings. All green or above
  4. You need 21 farms and all lvl 7 or above. This leaves you just one mine, quarry and saw mill.

Line Group 


Construction & Research

Never start a big research or construction project that say it will take days. Without first check a few things.

  1. Have you reset your Hero buffs to be all Research, all Construction or both if your hero is high enough.  This can make the difference from a 10 day research down to 7. For example when you start the research for T3 troops.  The good thing is you don’t have to stay with the all construction or all research buffs you can reset back as soon as you start.  To speed up T3 research even more ask the boss of Hells Angels for the Research Title this can cut another day of the time well worth it.
  2. You can improve time even more with special gear created in the black smith that will help and also you can embed it with research or construction gems.  As above you don’t have to keep wearing it simply wear before you start then put your other gear back on.

If you going to instant build with gems it’s even more important to reset as the gem cost also goes down when you reset and wear the construction or research gear.

Safe Houses

In times of war like for example the up coming merge. It would be a shame to wake up and find your castle plundered and all your time spent T3 troops slaughtered. Especially the expensive T3 siege weapons as they are the first to go if your castle is attacked. Resources can be recovered but troops take time.

So we have discovered the ability to set up safe houses so instead of everyone spending money on peace shields you can send your valuable troops to safe houses that will be dotted around the hive. They can shield allowing you to enter keeping your troops safe and your enemy’s out. Note you can reinforce even if the shield is up. Which makes these castles impregnable safe houses.

Timing Troop Creation To Maximise Gem Events

We all know about the gem events but here’s a few tips to increase troop production and make sure you get your gems, speed ups and other goodies for your trouble.

If you are serious about creating troops then to maximise output by resetting your hero to max out troop training there are two buffs that should be maxed before you start.

Start when you wake up in the morning. 

Create not a set number of troops but a set time.  Create as many archers as you can that takes as close to six hours as you can. The same for ground troops, cavalry and siege each as close to six hours as you can

Make sure the event has already started before you start best to be anywhere from 15 mins in to 15 mins before the end. Just so you are not unlucky and hit that 5 mins between events.

Start a timer on your phone for six hours. Collect the troops, gems and all your goodies.

Repeat again 3 times a day. That last one before you go to sleep. Don’t set for six hours set for the numbers of hours left before you wake. So when you wake up they just finished, that way you max the troops and may get rare chests from the inferno event in the morning.

Here is a sample time table

  • 8:30 am – 6 hrs
  • 2.30 pm – 6 hrs
  • 8.30 pm – 12hrs
  • 8.30 am – Repeat